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Cemetery Rd

We’d finished viewing the dollhouse on Dover St and Anthony had gone to his football game. I had arranged to meet Harold at 13:45 that day (Saturday) at the 2 bedroom terrace house on Cemetery Rd. I didn’t want to go alone so I dragged my 16 year old sister along.

We parked up outside the door, the walls were painted red and half pealing off which put me off. Harold unlocked the brown PVC front door and in we stepped into the living room. A good sized room and a stone fireplace. The walls were magnolia and the carpet a coffee brown; not my coffee though.. My coffee colour needs to match a Rich Tea biscuit before it passes my inspection!

My mood about the place changed when we walked into the kitchen. The wall on the right had very LOUD wallpaper, ok it was easy to paint over or strip down to its bare but Jesus Christ! The kitchen units weren’t great and the white cooker had discoloured to a piss yellow, and it was right at the end of the units. Weird.

In the kitchen was a door. And behind that door were some unsafe steps down into the cellar. Spooky. Not really, it was just a room that needed attention. Not at my expense though. And then there were the stairs that led to upstairs.

Typical main bedroom and second bedroom really. Nothing to report. But the bathroom… There was no shower. I just couldn’t see myself or Anthony sat in the bath every night with a plastic jug to rinse the suds of our hair.

It’s getting beyond a joke this. How hard is it to just find a bloody house to move into?

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Dover Street

We had a viewing at 10am on Saturday 4th February for a one bedroom cottage on Dover Street, a cute cobbled street in Lower Darwen.

The estate agent let us in through the white PVC front door only to walk straight into the kitchen?! Who walks into a kitchen from their front door? It wasn’t even a kitchen, it was more like a little space with a sink and a few cupboards. The living room was to the right, really small but had a nice feature fireplace. It was far too small though.

You walk upstairs and you’re in the bedroom, a double bedroom big enough for a double bed and a small wardrobe and the bathroom right next to it… Suitable for a single person… Not a couple like me and Anthony.

Harold said he was going to be doing a viewing up Whitehall area that afternoon at 13:45… I was to go on my won as Anthony was playing football.

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There was a reason the Mellor property was only £400 per month…

… Bloody hell.

It was part of next door and they had locked the interior doors so neither occupants could get in. The doors where still there but not in use. WTF is all that about?!

I had to view this place on my own as Anthony was stuck in traffic in Southport. You couldn’t even swing a cat in the entire place. No that I would swing a cat. I love cats!

It was an instant NO.

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Second Viewing

You’ll never guess what…? The bloody landlord didn’t turn up to our scheduled second viewing on Thursday evening!!

We parked outside from 6pm which was the time we’d planned to meet up and by half 6 he hadn’t showed him. After leaving him a text and a voice message we left and went to get a chippy tea.

I’m telling you, are luck better change. This is a joke.

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I’d noticed a little 2 bedroom cottage for rent last week but didn’t go any further than looking at the photograph’s but seeing as our Mellor viewing got cancelled I decided to request a viewing for this one.

9am Sunday 22nd January.

It was freezing yesterday, but the landlord met us on the doorstep pretty much at the same time we stepped on it. He seemed nice. An average guy, middle aged. Down to earth.

We stepped through the small front door and the living room was tiny. There was a small leather sofa in there, facing the quirky oil burning fire on a feature wall. Through that was a fully fitted kitchen with space for a fridge and washing machine. The floor was oil cloth but looked like cottage style floor tiles. The stairs were steep, which led to two bedrooms and a small bathroom.

It was really nice, I could actually see myself living there.

We decided to go away and talk about it, sleep on it and come up with a decision soon…

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Mellor Updated

You’ll never guess what..?

The bloody appointment got cancelled! Anthony took the phone call from the estate agent who told him that the viewing would need to be rescheduled as the tenants are still in the property but we could view it sometime this week.

It’s just our luck.

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We’ve got another viewing coming up. Let’s just hope we have better luck eh!

1 bedroom character property to rent – £400 pcm

It looks really quirky from the outside, it’s what we like. Pity there’s no photo’s of the inside to prepare us. But I suppose it adds to the excitement. It’s another one of those ‘is it ok if I work through my dinner & finish at 4pm’

We’re penned in for 4.30pm this Friday. The estate agent told Anthony that there has been a lot of interest in this property. I hope to cats that she’s just bullshitting because I have a feeling that this could be the one.