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Bargain of the century!

Has anyone been to that Oak Furnitureland Outlet on Whitebirk Retail Park yet? If you haven’t, you want to get yourself down there . . . I thought it was really good! Big mirrors for £40.00, massive clocks for £30.00 and loads more.

Last Saturday I had arranged to nip to Aldi for a mini shop and took my Grandad with me to get him out – change of scenery for him. Not that Aldi is some amazing day trip for him but he usually shops at Morrisons so Aldi is a change for him. Anyway, I said to him we’ll nip in that Oak Furnitureland for a mooch around. As soon as you walk in you see coffee tables, sideboards, dining tables etc, then there’s a small room on the right with thick wooden framed mirrors – all £40.00 but I didn’t need one of them so we didn’t go in. You then have bookcases, beds and a few sofas and chairs.

We have a 3 seater cream leather sofa that Debbie from work gave us when we first moved in which is perfect for the two of us but whenever we have guests over we have to keep getting the dining room chairs (or emergency chairs) out and it’s basically a massive ball ache. I’ve always wanted a quirky patchwork arm chair but refuse to pay £300+ for it. Not bloody made of money!

You can guess what is coming next . . . £99.00 for the most beautiful, comfy little arm chair EVER. I fell in love. Grandad fell in love. We couldn’t get over it. Why was it so cheap? What was wrong with it? Nothing. It was still on their website for just under £500.00 and I got it for less than £100. That’s less than 25%. We paid for it to be delivered which cost a further £20 but these 2 really nice guys dropped it off 2 days later.

Here is the website listing which I screenshot from my iPhone and next to it is my pretty little arm chair sitting perfectly against my living room wall.

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Coming up to our 1st Home Anniversary

Happy New Year everyone!

This time last year we were scouring Zoopla and Right Move trying to find the perfect house for our first home together . . . And it’s nearly coming up to our 1 year anniversary at Cornelian St. Whoop. I cannot quite believe how fast it’s gone so far.

Christmas 2017 was amazing, we bought a real Christmas tree . . . £25.00 from The Range which was 4ft in height and came in a red bucket. I had a pretty green square box that the tree sat in to make it look more prettier. My pink, rose gold and mint green decorations came from Oswaldtwistle Mills and my Grandad bought my white fairy from The Range . . .

Christmas Tree

I loved the colour scheme and got so many compliments from friends and family when they visited. I’ve kept them for next year but would love a taller tree!

On Friday 29th December I invited my Dad, step Mum and Grandad over for a buffet, all the food came from Aldi which was Marks and Spencer standard! Grandad gave me my Grandma’s Royal Albert dinner plates

Photo 08-01-2018, 16 18 58


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Settling In

It’s nearly been 1 month since we moved into our first home together and it’s been an amazing but mentally draining journey so far.

We’ve got the majority of things now to run a fully functionally home, we just need to odd bits; we have lots of empty photo frames lacking our selfies, one of the walls in our living room looks a tad bare so we thought about a shelf being put up to fill with knickknacks, and most importantly we need a bread knife!

Our routine seems to be working… I’m in charge of the washing and ironing, whilst Anthony is in charge of cooking. I’ll wash up whilst Anthony dries, and we’ll both share the hoovering and other cleaning tasks. Meal times are well organised too. We’ll nip to Asda on a Saturday morning to do the week’s shop which will consist of meat (chicken & beef), those Maggi bags are bloody brilliant so we’ll get a few of those in our trolley, we’ll get them steamed veg packets from the freezer section and a cheesecake.. Not forgetting the red wine which we’re loving at the moment.

I’ve really enjoyed making our house into a cosy home. Most of the home accessories have been from B&M Bargains and The Range. It just proves that you don’t need to spend a lot of money on nice things. I mean, obviously they’re nice to me because I’ve bought them but even our visitors pass comments on the different little ornaments. Admittedly, it’s been hard to sort things out when working full time. I wish I had some holidays left to have time at our new home.


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Slowly Coming Together

What a busy weekend!

The marigolds were out on Saturday morning. Mum, Granny and Myself made a start on the cleaning. Mum did the kitchen. I did the bathroom and Granny had the hoover. It was only a case of cleaning the builders dust and that didn’t take long.

The kitchen is pretty much finished. We’re just waiting for the washing machine and fridge freezer to be delivered on Wednesday. All of the kitchen accessories (microwave, kettle etc) are shiny black to match the white & black units.

I’ll take some photo’s once the blinds are up which will be on Thursday (hopefully)



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Key Day.

It’s the day we get the keys to our home today.

Shame it’s at 3pm so Anthony has to meet the estate agent on his own as I’m working until 5pm. The tenancy doesn’t actually start until 1st March but the landlord is kind and said we can have the few days for free. Happy days.

So much has happened been bought for us / give to us over the past few weeks… It’s just so overwhelming! I went to British Heart Foundation last weekend, bought a nest of tables… brand new! I also bought a wooden bookcase, a TV stand (wooden as I don’t like them black glass ones) and a vintage wooden drinks trolley for my ‘mini bar’ all for £130 + £22 delivery.. Bloody bargain eh? They all got delivered next door to my Granny’s garage.

Can’t remember if I told you about Debbie, who I work with, giving us her 3 seater sofa. For free. It’s a cream one and looks like brand new, apart from the scuff mark down one side from when they were trying to get it into their living room.

Anyway, it’s 3 hours until Anthony meets the estate agents. I’m so excited. I’m going to nip home and get changed, pick some essentials up. Dad wants to come over to see the house tonight and get a chippy tea. So I’ll need to nip home and pick up the kettle and cups and stuff.

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Our New Home

We’ve only gone and got the house!!

The estate agent had sent me a text to say that she had sent me an email. Her emails are playing up and keep going into junk mail… I checked my email and there it was.

“Dear Anthony and Sam,

I am pleased to confirm that your application for the above property has been successful…”


Our tenancy will start on 1st March but we are hoping to get the keys earlier than that. The landlord is fitting some blinds and other bits of stuff and then we should be able to move in.


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Credit Checks. Tick.

The estate agent just rang me… The credit checks are done and all is good. Obviously. She is just waiting for Anthony to send her his latest bank statements, as formality.

She said that providing Anthony gets his bank statements across to her this morning she will ring the landlord and see if we can have the keys this weekend seeing as Anthony works away in Southport Monday – Friday.

Eeeeeeek. I’m so excited.

My Aunt came around for tea last night and asked if wanted to go to B&M Bargains with her before closing time. She said she had £60 spare until she next got paid and would love to spend it on me and Anthony. So off we drove with our shopping bags at the ready.

We needed a trolley…

Imagine Supermarket Sweep with Dale Winton! The trolley was full of things I wouldn’t have even thought of… Potato peeler, chopping board, knives, utensils, oven trays, casserole dishes, sponges, tea towels, mixing bowls… And so on.

Oooh, I forgot to mention that earlier that day I had to make an emergency appointment to the dentist. I had horrendous tooth ache. Anyway cut a long story short, I went to Tesco to pick up my prescription and had to wait 10 minutes. I walked round to the homeware aisle and got some glasses.

4 wine glasses £1.50

4 beer glasses £1.50

4 long line glasses £1.50

Can you believe it? Absolute bloody bargain!