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Settling In

It’s nearly been 1 month since we moved into our first home together and it’s been an amazing but mentally draining journey so far.

We’ve got the majority of things now to run a fully functionally home, we just need to odd bits; we have lots of empty photo frames lacking our selfies, one of the walls in our living room looks a tad bare so we thought about a shelf being put up to fill with knickknacks, and most importantly we need a bread knife!

Our routine seems to be working… I’m in charge of the washing and ironing, whilst Anthony is in charge of cooking. I’ll wash up whilst Anthony dries, and we’ll both share the hoovering and other cleaning tasks. Meal times are well organised too. We’ll nip to Asda on a Saturday morning to do the week’s shop which will consist of meat (chicken & beef), those Maggi bags are bloody brilliant so we’ll get a few of those in our trolley, we’ll get them steamed veg packets from the freezer section and a cheesecake.. Not forgetting the red wine which we’re loving at the moment.

I’ve really enjoyed making our house into a cosy home. Most of the home accessories have been from B&M Bargains and The Range. It just proves that you don’t need to spend a lot of money on nice things. I mean, obviously they’re nice to me because I’ve bought them but even our visitors pass comments on the different little ornaments. Admittedly, it’s been hard to sort things out when working full time. I wish I had some holidays left to have time at our new home.