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Key Day.

It’s the day we get the keys to our home today.

Shame it’s at 3pm so Anthony has to meet the estate agent on his own as I’m working until 5pm. The tenancy doesn’t actually start until 1st March but the landlord is kind and said we can have the few days for free. Happy days.

So much has happened been bought for us / give to us over the past few weeks… It’s just so overwhelming! I went to British Heart Foundation last weekend, bought a nest of tables… brand new! I also bought a wooden bookcase, a TV stand (wooden as I don’t like them black glass ones) and a vintage wooden drinks trolley for my ‘mini bar’ all for £130 + £22 delivery.. Bloody bargain eh? They all got delivered next door to my Granny’s garage.

Can’t remember if I told you about Debbie, who I work with, giving us her 3 seater sofa. For free. It’s a cream one and looks like brand new, apart from the scuff mark down one side from when they were trying to get it into their living room.

Anyway, it’s 3 hours until Anthony meets the estate agents. I’m so excited. I’m going to nip home and get changed, pick some essentials up. Dad wants to come over to see the house tonight and get a chippy tea. So I’ll need to nip home and pick up the kettle and cups and stuff.



Creative designer focusing on greeting card designs and prints. Massive OCD (obsessive cat disorder) and generally a people pleaser.

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