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Credit Checks. Tick.

The estate agent just rang me… The credit checks are done and all is good. Obviously. She is just waiting for Anthony to send her his latest bank statements, as formality.

She said that providing Anthony gets his bank statements across to her this morning she will ring the landlord and see if we can have the keys this weekend seeing as Anthony works away in Southport Monday – Friday.

Eeeeeeek. I’m so excited.

My Aunt came around for tea last night and asked if wanted to go to B&M Bargains with her before closing time. She said she had £60 spare until she next got paid and would love to spend it on me and Anthony. So off we drove with our shopping bags at the ready.

We needed a trolley…

Imagine Supermarket Sweep with Dale Winton! The trolley was full of things I wouldn’t have even thought of… Potato peeler, chopping board, knives, utensils, oven trays, casserole dishes, sponges, tea towels, mixing bowls… And so on.

Oooh, I forgot to mention that earlier that day I had to make an emergency appointment to the dentist. I had horrendous tooth ache. Anyway cut a long story short, I went to Tesco to pick up my prescription and had to wait 10 minutes. I walked round to the homeware aisle and got some glasses.

4 wine glasses £1.50

4 beer glasses £1.50

4 long line glasses £1.50

Can you believe it? Absolute bloody bargain!



Creative designer focusing on greeting card designs and prints. Massive OCD (obsessive cat disorder) and generally a people pleaser.

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