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The One.

I think we’ve finally bloody found our home.

Anthony made an appointment to view a 2 bedroom terrace house in Blackburn at 9am this morning. I couldn’t join him as I started work at half 8 and told him that I would ring him on my lunch hour to find out how he got on.

Anyway, the suspense was killing me so at 10am whilst eating my cream cheese bagel I text him a short ‘yes or no xx’ to which he say he liked it and it was worth pursuing. FRIG. The excitement rushed through my body and I rang the estate agents straight away to arrange a viewing so I could see this house.

Half 12 this afternoon I was to meet Julie for a quick view around. The outside looked tidy with a new dark brown PVC front door and double glazed windows. We took our shoes off and walked over a brand new carpet into the living room. A good sized room with magnolia walls and brown carpet.

Through the corridor was a second room, a dining room perhaps with patio doors and a small modern newly fitted kitchen. I loved it so far. The upstairs had two double bedroom with one of them having a small walk in wardrobe.

The bathroom was the feature of the house. It was tiled in a sort of mink colour with a mosaic style floor. The best bit was it had a bath. I haven’t had a bath in about 10 years. Don’t be thinking in a scruffbag. It’s because my Mum had her bathroom done up and they stupidly took the bath out to fit a shower cubicle in there.

We’ve told the estate agent that we would love to go ahead with the application… Fingers crossed peoples, we could be moving into our first home very soon.



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