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Dover Street

We had a viewing at 10am on Saturday 4th February for a one bedroom cottage on Dover Street, a cute cobbled street in Lower Darwen.

The estate agent let us in through the white PVC front door only to walk straight into the kitchen?! Who walks into a kitchen from their front door? It wasn’t even a kitchen, it was more like a little space with a sink and a few cupboards. The living room was to the right, really small but had a nice feature fireplace. It was far too small though.

You walk upstairs and you’re in the bedroom, a double bedroom big enough for a double bed and a small wardrobe and the bathroom right next to it… Suitable for a single person… Not a couple like me and Anthony.

Harold said he was going to be doing a viewing up Whitehall area that afternoon at 13:45… I was to go on my won as Anthony was playing football.



Creative designer focusing on greeting card designs and prints. Massive OCD (obsessive cat disorder) and generally a people pleaser.

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