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This place needed a good viewing!

The holiday was over. The saving began. Again. Only this time our savings would actually be spent on a house this time and nothing else. We needed to be strict. We couldn’t carry on with the lifestyle of going out for tea a couple of times a month and Anthony going on big nights out most weekends would need to be revised.

I’d got a small pay rise at work. And I’d managed to cut back on my weekly shop at Tesco. The savings were  / are building up quite quickly. Great, we can actually start planning these viewings again. Or shall I say, Anthony can actually start planning these viewings. I’m banned remember.

A place had come up. A one bedroom apartment, fully furnished for £495 per month in Eccleston. A bit of a drive from Blackburn but it was lovely. Anthony is keen on fully furnished properties for the ‘convenience’. Yeah I get his point but to me it would just feel like I’m  living in a hotel.

The viewing was on a Friday afternoon and I was to work through my dinner hour and finish at 4pm. He was to pick me up at 4:15pm and off we were to go to Eccleston. That didn’t happen. The couple who’d viewed this place the night before had put there deposit on. Bollocks. Not again.

Back to the drawing board it is.



Creative designer focusing on greeting card designs and prints. Massive OCD (obsessive cat disorder) and generally a people pleaser.

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