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No, we weren’t planning to relocate… We just wanted a holiday. We sacrificed our savings for a week away in the sunny canary islands, some might say that was a stupid idea but YOLO.

The run up to the October holiday was very exciting, I’d been searching Asos for weeks and adding what bargains I could find into my basket. Mum felt like our house had changed into the local sorting office. It had been about 4 years since I last went on a beach holiday and them size 6 denim shorts looked more like denim briefs that would split at any sudden movement!

It was the day before our trip and I was packing my suitcase. This was our first (late) summer holiday. I’d gone to our local supermarket and bought the typical plane snacks, pork pies & a big bag of Kettle Chips. My book; A Street Cat Called Bob was carefully positioned in my hand luggage along with my passport and boarding passes that we’d printed off. Not forgetting my headphones we were ready for the following morning.

The journey was pretty straight forward. An hour’s journey to the airport, 4 hours to Lanzarote, a 30 minute coach ride to Flamingo Beach Resort and a short walk to our room. We were in. We would have a fun and romantic week ahead of us…



Creative designer focusing on greeting card designs and prints. Massive OCD (obsessive cat disorder) and generally a people pleaser.

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