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Barker Lane

The most beautiful lane I’ve ever drove on. A lane of houses more beautiful than a beautiful lane of houses.

It all started when I was on Right Move and a cottage appeared for rent. £525 per month… Not bad. It had dated interior but the bare bricked feature wall in the living room is what got me but the excitement came crashing down when Anthony straight away said it was over our budget.

Budget? We hadn’t even discussed a budget. How would I know what was over our budget when I’d never budgeted for a house before. I tried to sell it to him and although he liked the house (not as much as me) it was not to go any further than me admiring the 5 photographs on Right Move.

Barker Lane didn’t stay vacant for long, some spoilt cow could afford this – it was in her budget. I felt cheated on. This was so upsetting, and somehow felt like we were never going to move out. How could she move in? I’d already planned where my sofa was going to be positioned, and I knew what colour of plates I was going to buy but my dreams for Barker Lane were broken.

It was after this heartbreaking event that we sat down and had an idea on our budget. we wouldn’t be paying much than £450 on rent.



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