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Second Viewing

You’ll never guess what…? The bloody landlord didn’t turn up to our scheduled second viewing on Thursday evening!!

We parked outside from 6pm which was the time we’d planned to meet up and by half 6 he hadn’t showed him. After leaving him a text and a voice message we left and went to get a chippy tea.

I’m telling you, are luck better change. This is a joke.

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I’d noticed a little 2 bedroom cottage for rent last week but didn’t go any further than looking at the photograph’s but seeing as our Mellor viewing got cancelled I decided to request a viewing for this one.

9am Sunday 22nd January.

It was freezing yesterday, but the landlord met us on the doorstep pretty much at the same time we stepped on it. He seemed nice. An average guy, middle aged. Down to earth.

We stepped through the small front door and the living room was tiny. There was a small leather sofa in there, facing the quirky oil burning fire on a feature wall. Through that was a fully fitted kitchen with space for a fridge and washing machine. The floor was oil cloth but looked like cottage style floor tiles. The stairs were steep, which led to two bedrooms and a small bathroom.

It was really nice, I could actually see myself living there.

We decided to go away and talk about it, sleep on it and come up with a decision soon…

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Mellor Updated

You’ll never guess what..?

The bloody appointment got cancelled! Anthony took the phone call from the estate agent who told him that the viewing would need to be rescheduled as the tenants are still in the property but we could view it sometime this week.

It’s just our luck.

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We’ve got another viewing coming up. Let’s just hope we have better luck eh!

1 bedroom character property to rent – £400 pcm

It looks really quirky from the outside, it’s what we like. Pity there’s no photo’s of the inside to prepare us. But I suppose it adds to the excitement. It’s another one of those ‘is it ok if I work through my dinner & finish at 4pm’

We’re penned in for 4.30pm this Friday. The estate agent told Anthony that there has been a lot of interest in this property. I hope to cats that she’s just bullshitting because I have a feeling that this could be the one.

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Fore Street

It was advertised as a 2 bedroom cottage and the photograph’s made the place look good. An wood burning fire in a small living room, a modern kitchen, the main bedroom looked big enough to have pillow fights and play hide and seek and the bathroom was a clean white space.

Our viewing was arranged for Saturday at 11.45am by the landlord himself. He did want to meet us at 12pm but Anthony had a football game to play so 11:45am was perfect. We drove in separate cars from Lammack to Lower Darwen and parked up on a nearby estate. Knocking on the wooden front door I had severe butterflies. This could potentially be our first home together.

We knocked and knocked but no one was answering the door. The door was locked. By this time it was 11:52am so I rang the mobile number of the landlord which rang 3 times then cut off. Strange. I tried again, and again it rang a couple of times then cut off? What the hell? Third time lucky the landlord answered abruptly.

“You didn’t bother to answer your phone, I’ve been waiting her since 11:40am and I ain’t waiting around for nobody.” BANG. The line cut off.

I couldn’t believe what had just happened. Eyes full of tears, I tried to tell Anthony what the hell had just happened. I rang the estate agents up in utter shock and told the understanding worker the story. I mean, 7 minutes of lateness is nothing!

… And so the bad luck continues.

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This place needed a good viewing!

The holiday was over. The saving began. Again. Only this time our savings would actually be spent on a house this time and nothing else. We needed to be strict. We couldn’t carry on with the lifestyle of going out for tea a couple of times a month and Anthony going on big nights out most weekends would need to be revised.

I’d got a small pay rise at work. And I’d managed to cut back on my weekly shop at Tesco. The savings were  / are building up quite quickly. Great, we can actually start planning these viewings again. Or shall I say, Anthony can actually start planning these viewings. I’m banned remember.

A place had come up. A one bedroom apartment, fully furnished for £495 per month in Eccleston. A bit of a drive from Blackburn but it was lovely. Anthony is keen on fully furnished properties for the ‘convenience’. Yeah I get his point but to me it would just feel like I’m  living in a hotel.

The viewing was on a Friday afternoon and I was to work through my dinner hour and finish at 4pm. He was to pick me up at 4:15pm and off we were to go to Eccleston. That didn’t happen. The couple who’d viewed this place the night before had put there deposit on. Bollocks. Not again.

Back to the drawing board it is.

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No, we weren’t planning to relocate… We just wanted a holiday. We sacrificed our savings for a week away in the sunny canary islands, some might say that was a stupid idea but YOLO.

The run up to the October holiday was very exciting, I’d been searching Asos for weeks and adding what bargains I could find into my basket. Mum felt like our house had changed into the local sorting office. It had been about 4 years since I last went on a beach holiday and them size 6 denim shorts looked more like denim briefs that would split at any sudden movement!

It was the day before our trip and I was packing my suitcase. This was our first (late) summer holiday. I’d gone to our local supermarket and bought the typical plane snacks, pork pies & a big bag of Kettle Chips. My book; A Street Cat Called Bob was carefully positioned in my hand luggage along with my passport and boarding passes that we’d printed off. Not forgetting my headphones we were ready for the following morning.

The journey was pretty straight forward. An hour’s journey to the airport, 4 hours to Lanzarote, a 30 minute coach ride to Flamingo Beach Resort and a short walk to our room. We were in. We would have a fun and romantic week ahead of us…